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Learning Through a Crisis

For the past 12 months we have faced challenges that most of us have not experienced in our lifetime. While we are in this crisis together, the truth is that we are all being affected in unique and life-changing ways.


Throughout that time I can assure you that Federation – your Federation – has faced these challenges head-on. As we begin the long, slow emergence from this global plague that commitment will continue.

Yes, it is beginning to feel different since many have received their vaccinations, but we also recognize and understand our community continues to have many challenges ahead.

Food insecurity, unemployment, increasing mental health challenges, and a still shaken Jewish communal infrastructure are just a few of the dramatic continuing symptoms of this pandemic.

Forever Changed

Over the next months and years sustaining, building and enhancing the ways we connect with each other, our Judaism and our community will be forever changed.

This will require Federation to think differently on behalf of our community. The pandemic, while horrific, has created many new ways of thinking and an opportunity to build on stronger relationships between agencies to open the doors of our community wider.

As we look ahead, past the immediate and present challenges, I believe we will emerge stronger and more connected.

For 86 Years

Federation will be there, in full force as we always have been, committed, more than ever, to our mission to keep our community safe and secure.

For the past 86 years, we have led our community – through tragedy, threats of terror and financial crises – and we will lead our community through this crisis.

We have a responsibility to do our part to get our community out from COVID’S storm, enabling us to cross into the Promised Land of an inspiring and flourishing Jewish future.

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