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Thanksgiving Turkeys


Through generous support from our community, Beth Sholom team members will receive a turkey and pumpkin pie to share with family and friends for the holidays.

Mo Funk and Janet Gale.

Morris “Mo” Funk, Beth Sholom’s President & CEO, started this tradition in 2018. Each year he has raised the funds to provide this special treat for his dedicated team.

RN Jenni Johnson with longtime Beth Sholom volunteers and supporters Nancy Heller and Dan Heller.

Morris stated, “We are so fortunate that during this inflationary economy our Board members, family members and our donor community, stepped up to provide the needed funds to continue this tradition. We are very appreciative of our team’s devotion to our residents and hopeful this gesture will help make the holiday special for them and their family. We want to thank our grocery partner, The Market @25th, for once again helping us source 150 turkeys.”