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Richmond Stands With Israel


Your Presence Was Felt

You showed up for your neighbor.

You showed up for your family.

You showed up for your friends.

You showed up for Jews around the world.

You showed up for Israel.


Israel is the eternal home of the Jewish people. You showed up last night (Oct 9) at the Weinstein JCC and came together in solidarity, bringing light to the darkness.

We hope that you were moved as much as we were to see over 1,000 people gather together at the JCC and hundreds more watching online.

You acted last night and we are now inviting you to act again.

See a recording of the Richmond Stands With Israel solidarity rally https://vimeo.com/872776164/770380700e?share=copy

The Israeli people need you right now.

Jews need you right now.

You need you.

Our Federation system, ready last night to welcome 1,000 people on 24-hours notice, is built so that when disaster starts, we rise to the moment, efficiently and effectively.

Every dollar raised through the Israeli Emergency Fund will go directly towards relief efforts. Our aid is critical for victims’ immediate well-being and long-term recovery. Resources are needed for the injured, the bereaved, and people whose homes were destroyed or damaged.  And unfortunately, that number is rising.

Your presence matters.

See photos:

Now, your action matters.