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Happenings at Beth Ahabah

Political strategist Jesse Ferguson speaks at Nosh and Knowledge program

By Sarah Roper, Program Manager

Pardes Family Update

For the past two years, Congregation Beth Ahabah has assisted with the resettlement of the Pardes family from Afghanistan.

The family—two adults and five children—escaped from Afghanistan in December 2021.

After moving to Richmond, congregants helped to find them housing, transportation, funding for driving lessons, home furnishings, and assistance with living expenses.

Congregants are now helping the family navigate life in the United States, including family healthcare, job advice, and opportunities for adult education and career development.

The children are enjoying school and are supported by their tutor, congregant Trish Reese.  The family welcomed a healthy baby boy in November 2023, and they received additional donations of baby clothes and other items to celebrate their new addition.

The Pardeses are very appreciative of the assistance they have received to help them thrive in Richmond.

 Nosh and Knowledge

On January 7th, the Women of Beth Ahabah welcomed political strategist Jesse Ferguson as the guest speaker at their latest Nosh and Knowledge program. Jesse spoke about the upcoming presidential election, including his candidate predictions and information on historical voting trends in key states. The session ended with questions from the audience.

Many thanks to the Women of Beth Ahabah for hosting an informative program and providing a delicious spread before and after the presentation.

Mitzvah Corps Feed the Police



Volunteers gather to show their support for the police.

The Richmond Police Department has been providing security services at Beth Ahabah for the past four decades.

On Sunday, Jan. 14, Mitzvah Corps volunteers showed their appreciation by making 75 servings of lasagna, salad, and assorted homemade desserts to take to the local precinct’s officers.


Volunteers make lasagna and more to deliver to Richmond Police Department.

Volunteers of all ages had a great time in the kitchen, and the police officers appreciated the hearty meal!

Coming Up

On Sunday, Feb. 11th, Beth Ahabah’s Mitzvah Corps is partnering with Rise Against Hunger to assemble 12,000 meals that afternoon. The food will then be sent to communities throughout the world experiencing food insecurity.

In addition to congregational volunteers to package the meals, funding is needed to purchase supplies.

All donations are appreciated—please visit –

https://www.bethahabah.org/form/Tikkun-olam-fund-donation to make a gift.

Purim is coming!

Watch for more information about Purim celebrations at Congregation Beth Ahabah, including a fun and exciting Purim Shabbat service on Friday, March 22nd.

Then, on March 24th, join us for the debut of a brand-new Purim Shpiel written and performed by Beth Ahabah members. Don’t throw away your shot—be in the room where it happens.

To learn more about Congregation Beth Ahabah, please visit bethahabah.org.