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Celebrate Jewish American Heritage Month


By Daniel Staffenberg

Jewish American Heritage Month celebrates the achievements of American Jews every May.


This observance was made official on April 20, 2006, when President George W. Bush proclaimed May as Jewish American Heritage Month.

This announcement was the culmination of efforts by Jewish community leaders, which resulted in the introduction of resolutions that urged the president to recognize the more than 350-year history of Jewish contributions to American culture.

May is our chance to honor the impact, influence and rich tapestry of Jewish life that has woven itself into the fabric of American society. Jewish American Heritage Month is a time to reflect on the past and also to celebrate the present and look forward to the future.

It’s a time to recognize the countless ways Jewish traditions, values, and contributions have shaped our nation.

Actively participating in Jewish life is not just about preserving traditions; it’s about fostering community, nurturing identity, and finding meaning in shared values and experiences.

Whether it’s attending synagogue services, engaging in Jewish cultural events, volunteering for charitable causes, or observing rituals and holidays, active participation plays a vital role in keeping Jewish heritage alive and vibrant

As we commemorate Jewish American Heritage Month, let us embrace the diversity and strength of the Jewish community and reaffirm our shared commitment to justice, equality, and inclusion.

Together, let us continue to build a future where the vibrant tapestry of Jewish life continues to enrich us all.

This May we encourage you to actively participate in Jewish life. Whether it’s attending Synagogue services, engaging in Jewish cultural events at the Weinstein JCC, Jewish Student Union, BBYO, or our Synagogues we encourage you to get play an active and vital role in keeping Jewish heritage alive and vibrant.

Just some of the many ways you can celebrate Jewish American Heritage Month this May!

1) Attend Synagogue. Any one of our Synagogues will welcome you!

2) Grab the family and join PJ Library on May 5th as they Pollinate Kindness.

3) Visit the Virginia Holocaust Museum, the Hebrew Cemetery and connect with our rich Jewish history.

4) Join Friendship Circle for a ball game at the 3rd Annual Inclusion Day at the Diamond. Jews and baseball have long gone hand in hand!

5) Join women from throughout Richmond at L’dor V’dor Woman of Valor as we honor Susie Adolf and welcome female soldiers from the IDF at the Branch Museum.

6) Join in the many Yom HaShoah, Memorial Day, celebrations throughout the community.

7) Post positive Jewish stories on Social Media. Find some on our Social Media channels that are easy to share.

8) Throughout May, JCFR will host a series of engaging programs and speakers from Israel. Check out Jewishrichmond.org to learn more.

9) Contact your child’s school about incorporating Jewish  American Heritage Month facts into school announcements and events. JCRC has provided a resource guide to all schools.

10) Celebrate your personal Jewish story, share your pride with friends and family of all backgrounds. Live a vibrant and proud Jewish life.

Check out: Reflectornews.org and Jewishrichmond.org for all the amazing things happening throughout our community.