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Susie Adolf honored with L’dor V’dor Woman of Valor

Lynn Schwartz presents special L'dor V'dor gift to Susie Adolf.

Over 100 community members watched as Susie Adolf was honored as this year’s L’Dor V’Dor, Woman of Valor on May 8 at the Branch Museum of Architecture and Design on Monument Avenue.

Longtime friend, Lynn Schwartz, served as co-chair of the event and welcomed attendees.

“I have the honor of serving alongside Elly Goldberg as one of the chairs of tonight’s L’dor V’dor program.  We are so proud to honor our good friend and community legend Susie Adolf. Thank you for joining together tonight, as we do what Jews have done for generations, in both challenging and joyous times.

She added, “Tonight feels even more special, as we join together to celebrate the power of Women Philanthropists, locally and globally. We recognize that in the face of hate and darkness, we have the power to craft our future, to lead with compassion and strength and to guide our community forward. We understand that for generations, women have built and sustained our communities.

Tonight, we come together as symbols of the light and the strength of our Jewish community in the face of these challenging times. We will stay strong together and continue to hope and believe that our future is bright.”

Lynn also offered several personal reflections on Susie including some stories on their travels around the world.

For the next few minutes, Robin Salzberg, Susie’s daughter, and granddaughter, Julia, offered glowing remarks about their mother and grandmother.

“My mother has received a number of honors but this one is a little special,” Robin noted.

Co-chair Elly Goldbberg followed.


“It is an honor to stand here, Susie, I am grateful to be a part of this evening, celebrating your significant contribution to our community.”

She also shared reflections on her recent trip to Israel .

In part, she noted, “We found strength in each other. And together tonight, I find strength in all of you. We are here, tonight to celebrate the power of being together. One people. As Jews. As Women. And the power we can take back when we come together to act. And to participate in our steps out of this place of complete darkness. And being an intentional link in the chain from generation to generation. Let us instill in our kids so that they can instill in their children that we, as a people, are resilient and extraordinary. Let us be the light out of the darkness.

Women’s Philanthropy Chair Jill Goldfine next offered remarks.


 “Thank you, Elly, and Lynn, for leading this beautiful L’Dor V’Dor celebration. We also have the opportunity to recognize our current Jewish Community Federation of Richmond President, Amy Nisenson. Amy has led our community from strength to strength these last two years and we look forward to celebrating her at the Federation’s Annual Meeting on June 5th.

“It is so important that during these most challenging times, we come together, to support each other, celebrate our strength and lean into our tradition and history.  How equally special it is to honor Susie Adolf at this time, someone who lives our Jewish values every day.

“Thank you, Susie, for being You, your passion and support of our Jewish Community,  is an example to all of us and has meant so much to so many organizations. Your mother is looking down at you with immense pride knowing that you work to sustain a vibrant community you have known your entire life, and for many generations to come.

Jill next introduced two special speakers for the evening, Sapir and Yuval. Both are IDF officers and came to Richmond as part of a special Soldiers in Uniform program to share their stories and take part in Israeli National Holiday programs – Yom Ha’Atzmaut and Yom Ha’Zikaron.


Each shared their stories about IDF service as combat officers and their backgrounds growing up in Israel. (For more details, see an article in the Federation section)

See more photos from the event below and at on the Federation page https://www.facebook.com/JCFRichmond