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Changing how we invest in Jewish Education – RTA announces gifts of over $3 Million

(FROM LEFT) Elly and Josh Goldberg, Rabbi Elisha Paul, Lauren Rechany, RTA Advancement Coordinator; and Shlomo Skaist, inaugural President of the Jewish Futures Fund.

 It’s time to change the game

It’s time to change how we, as a community, invest in Jewish education. Education lies at the heart of what makes for a vibrant community and a strong society. We aspire for our children to have a better childhood and life than ours, and we can only make that a reality if we open doors for them.

In a turbulent time for our People and the world at large, teaching the difference between good and evil, opening doors for every student, educating for a hopeful, bright future, is the highest priority of our time.

It’s time to change the game. It’s time to be proud of our Jewish identity, and RTA is here to meet the moment – to open doors and prepare our future Jewish thinkers to advance a brighter vision for our world.

In its recent strategic planning process under the leadership of Nannette Shor and Rabbi Elisha Paul, RTA sought to answer the following question:

What would it truly take to open doors for Richmond’s Jewish students and for the future of our world?

The answer is twofold: first, create a plan. Second, invest significantly and strategically.

That’s why RTA is proud to implement its most ambitious strategic plan yet over the next three to five years to open doors for every Jewish student in Richmond. And, opening these doors requires not only visionary, pragmatic and detailed strategic plans, but also visionary investments and partnerships.

Answering the call to truly open doors for every Jewish student in RVA, RTA – Richmond Hebrew Day School is proud to share two remarkable announcements, marking a major shift in how our community invests in Jewish education.

$1 million gift from Marcus and Carole Weinstein

RTA is delighted to announce a gift of $1 million from Marcus and Carole Weinstein, to be allocated to scholarships, ensuring every Jewish student has the opportunity to attend RTA and raising the bar for investments in Jewish education.

This gift to RTA is part of Mr. and Mrs. Weinstein’s inspiring philanthropy locally and globally, including to the Virginia Holocaust Museum, the Weinstein Jewish Community Center, the Jewish Community Federation of Richmond, University of Richmond, Ben Gurion University, and  Technion – Israel Institute of Technology, among many others.

RTA is grateful to Mr. and Mrs. Weinstein for their leadership, and thanks Rabbi Dovid Asher for his partnership in helping bring this gift to fruition.

Launch of the Jewish Futures Fund – $2 million gift from Josh and Elly Goldberg

RTA is pleased to announce the launch of the Jewish Futures Fund (JFF) with an initial gift of $2 million over the course of the next four years from Josh and Elly Goldberg, building on the leadership of Mr. and Mrs. Weinstein.

The Jewish Futures Fund marks an unprecedented investment in Richmond’s Jewish identity and literacy, and is proud to partner with RTA to facilitate transformational and multi-year investments in developing Richmond’s Jewish future.

In partnership with the Goldberg Family and under the vision and leadership of Shlomo Skaist, the inaugural President of the Jewish Futures Fund, RTA is proud to be able to open doors for every Jewish student in RVA.

With these incredible investments, RTA’s scholarship program will be fully funded. And, this is just the start.

How will you invest?

We invest in education so our future Jewish thinkers are prepared to advance a brighter vision for our world. We invest in our children so they will meet and exceed our hopes and dreams for them. We invest in our students to open doors for them, whether they will serve in the IDF, or discover the next life saving drug.

We are transforming how our community invests in our Jewish identity, pride, and education. And, this is just the beginning. Join us, and we invite you to ask yourself how you will make an impact and help change the game for our Jewish future.

Open doors for your child today

To learn more and get involved, please contact Lauren Rechany, RTA Advancement Coordinator, at Lauren Rechany at lauren@rudlin.com.

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