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Meet Tal Bahar, our new community Shlicha

Tal with others at Jewish Young Adult Cookout at Congregation Beth Ahabah recently.

The Jewish Community Federation of Richmond is excited to welcome Tal Bahar, our new community Shlicha (emissary) to Richmond.


Tal with her family in Israel along with her dog.

She will spend a year-and-a-half building meaningful connections between Israel and Richmond.

Born Ramat Gan, Israel, her home is in Rehovot. At 23 years old, she brings a wealth of experience and passion to her work in community, education, and advocacy.

Community members may have met Tal last summer as a camp Shaliach at Camp Hilbert.

Tal’s dedication extends beyond the current crises, as she has participated in numerous missions across North America, promoting the Israeli voice and collaborating with Diaspora Jewry.

She was motivated to come back to Richmond in this new capacity. She arrived early in June and hit the ground running with lots of meetings, programs, and speaking engagements on her first several weeks and many more planned.

During the Israel-Hamas war, Tal actively engaged in Israeli advocacy efforts, volunteering her time and even returning to Richmond, to meet with local officials and the Jewish community.

With a background in youth group work and education, including three years of service in the IDF’s Education and Youth Corps, Tal possesses strong leadership skills and a commitment to fostering growth and understanding.

Tal Bahar (center) with Federation CEO Daniel Staffenberg and Chief Impact Officer Sara Rosenbaum in the JCFR and Richmond Jewish Foundation office in mid-June.

Tal’s deep love for Israel and sense of mission drive her work. During her spare time Tal enjoys, writing, reading, yoga, and spending time with loved ones

She eagerly anticipates sharing her knowledge, and love for Israel with our Richmond community.

Tal said, “I have had a huge passion for action among Diaspora Jewry, all my life, and especially in these complex days when the Israeli voice is more important than ever. I am ambitious and motivated for this important work.:

She added, “I would love to bring to the community Israel that is close, Israel that is peppered, Israel that is warm and loving, Israel that is humane and accepting. I would love to bring the community broad knowledge about Israel. I will ask to bring history, present and future.”

Tal said, “About a month after the end of my military service, the Israel-Hamas war broke out. I engaged in volunteer advocacy for several months and at the beginning of 2024, I started working as a substitute teacher at an elementary school in Rehovot.”

Tal Bahar with Jill Goldfine at the Federation Annual Meeting.

She has completed her three years of service in the IDF and her first  position in the IDF for ten months was commanding a team of recruits at Havat Hashomer base. After these 10,  she took part in the general officers’ course and the officers’ course of the Education and Youth Corps, which six months in total.

“My first position as an officer was a platoon commander in the unit responsible for carrying out the national missions.”

Tal is excited to be here as our community Shlicha.

Feel free to reach out to Tal at

Tal recently spoke at The 5400 Club at the Weinstein JCC. Here are some photos



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