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Donna Nathanson and Rabbi Mendy Heber and his daughter Devorah. The Rabbi visited the home for a Mezuzah check.

The Mezuzah Campaign for a
Safer Richmond is Going Strong

Chabad of Virginia in partnership with the Jewish Community Federation of Richmond has been asking “Is Your Mezuzah a Blessing?” and has been getting a lot of answers!

During these difficult times, the spiritual protection of a Mezuzah is something we can all use. The Mezuzah campaign offers a free Kosher Mezuzah and a home visit by Rabbi Mendy Heber to help get Mezuzahs checked and to hang Mezuzahs.

“It’s more than just a free Kosher Mezuzah,” said Rabbi Mendy. “Not everyone is aware of the Mezuzah qualifications and significance. A Kosher Mezuzah is a parchment scroll upon which the holy words of Shema are hand-written by a scribe, just like Tefillin or the Torah scrolls. Our tradition tells us that a Kosher Mezuzah on a home offers a special protection not only while you are in the home, but even while you are out and about.

To date Rabbi Mendy has visited over 46 homes and checked over 150 Mezuzahs!

Many things can render a Mezuzah not Kosher – sunlight or moisture can damage the scroll, a Mezuzah scroll can begin to disintegrate over time, and some Mezuzahs had only a decorative paper scroll to begin with and not a handwritten parchment scroll at all.

So far, Rabbi Mendy has found 58 non-Kosher Mezuzahs.

This Mezuzah campaign offers the first Mezuzah free and is open to the entire community, whether you have Mezuzahs to check or whether you will be hanging your very first Kosher Mezuzah. Rabbi Mendy will be happy to come to you, following all proper safety protocols, and help you ensure that your Mezuzah is a blessing.

To sign up for this amazing opportunity, visit Chabadofva.org to schedule a visit from Rabbi Mendy. He is looking forward to meeting you and making sure that all of the Mezuzahs in the greater Richmond area are a blessing!

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