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KBI perseveres and brings the community together


As the Jewish people, we preserve best when we stick together.

For this reason, Keneseth Beth Israel is proud to have been able to keep its doors open, maintaining Minyan three times a day, from early on in the pandemic to the present.

“Utilizing a team-based strategy to our spiritual advantage,” said Rabbi Dovid Asher of KBI, “the value of congregational prayer is the extent of the force of the multiplier effect regarding strength in numbers. When one stands next to another in prayer inside a sanctuary, it’s not two prayers going up to the heavens, but rather, we offer up davening of exponentially greater quality.”

Beyond this focus on prayer with an emphasis on community, in-person Minyan has enabled KBI-goers to enjoy Torah reading, Kedusha, and recitation of Kaddish in what has been a very trying period.

CDC Guidelines

In keeping with CDC guidelines, all Minyan goers are required to wear a mask and maintain a six-foot distance from one another. Additional COVID-19 precautions such as sanitation stations strategically located throughout the sanctuary have been added. These measures have provided a safe and welcoming environment for us to come together and reach spiritual heights.

As we have learned much about the virus’s spread and the rapid increase in our community’s vaccination rate, we are excited to build upon these foundations and welcome our community to receive Aliyahs, learn and celebrate together, and enjoy each other’s company over a good outdoor l’chaim or serving of Chulent.

Stay tuned for further reopening opportunities.