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‘We own what we are willing to share’


By Jesse Feld
Director of Development and Engagement,
Jewish Community Federation of Richmond

Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks (zt”l) is renowned worldwide for his writings, distinguished theologies and work for the Jewish people.

Lasting Impact

Serving as the Chief Rabbi of the United Hebrew Congregations of the Commonwealth (United Kingdom) from 1991 – 2013, Rabbi Sacks made a lasting impact on anyone whose path he crossed.

Despite his seemingly infinite wisdom, it is just two sentences I believe truly epitomize our community’s efforts for the 2021 Annual Campaign.

In his 2007 book, “To Heal a Fractured World,” Rabbi Sacks wrote, “We own what we are willing to share. That is Tzedakah: charity as justice.”

If you are inclined to have faith in what Rabbi Sacks stated, then you understand the Tzedakah you give is actually a part of who you are, rather than something you’re giving away. I believe this sentiment is especially true when it comes to giving to the Jewish Community Federation of Richmond.

From the time when the Campaign was launched, it was clear that the community was ready to step up. We did not know the extent of hardship the coronavirus would create, but we did know that the greater Jewish community needed everyone to come together, to make sure it maintained its vibrancy.

Over $3.16 Million

As I write this article at Reflector press time, the JCFR Annual Campaign has eclipsed over $3.16 million from more than 1,140 donors – our greatest Campaign achievement since the 2008 fundraising year. I believe this success has been made possible because each donor, volunteer and community member truly believes, as Rabbi Sacks eluded to, they own a part of what they’ve shared; a strong Jewish community.

You’ve given generously to the Campaign because you know that your Jewish community benefits.

Together and individually, we will continue to navigate our lives back toward the sense of normalcy we all crave. That normalcy in the Jewish community, will be extraordinary because of your participation in the Annual Campaign.

For those of you who have given – thank you. For those of you who are ready to step up – the time is now.

Information on how to make a donation can be found at jewishrichmond.org. If you’re interested in volunteering, making a donation, leaving a legacy or if you want to learn more about the Federation, I am always happy to talk, and you can reach me directly at jfeld@jewishrichmond.org.

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