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Dreaming about the Good that could be!


In a year filled with new fears, old threats, and so much worry, it’s sometimes tough to remember all the good we did.

As we continue our reflection during the High Holidays it’s a good time to think about all the Good we have.

At the Jewish Community Federation of Richmond, Good is something we think about every day. Because Good is something we do every day.


Good is in our DNA, as a community, and as an organization. Good is what we have been doing for over 86 years. It’s what we are focused on now, during one of the hardest years we have ever faced. And Good is what we are focused on increasing in the future.

Over the past year the Federation, thanks to your support, was able to distribute millions of dollars in financial support. You made it possible to support those facing job loss and financial challenges, support our partner agencies locally with critical infusions of money to stabilize and stay afloat, and convene and lead the community through the roughest of times.

You made that possible thanks to your generous support of the Annual Campaign. We asked our community for big generosity to respond to big crises, and you came through.

Turn the Page on 5781

So what comes next? As we turn the page on 5781 and start fresh, what Good do we dream about doing?

I have heard so many wonderful answers to that question. The ideas are both exciting and daunting, focused on connecting and engaging with Jewish life, honoring our Jewish memory and strengthening our connection to world Jewry. Programs like Honeymoon Israel, PJ Library, RVA/Israel partnerships, Hillel, formal and informal Jewish education, physical and emotional security, the Richmond Jewish Care Line, Overnight Camp and much more have enhanced our Jewish experience.

What comes next?

They have brought us to the point where we can ask the question, what comes next and know that we have the ability to answer.

We will soon embark on our 86th Annual Campaign, asking that same question, dreaming about the answers and asking for your help in making it possible. This year when we ask you again to respond generously, to be dreamers, to stretch a little farther still and dig a little deeper, think about the Good We Do and the Good we can do together.

To reach out to me, email daniel@jewishrichmond.org.