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In a year filled with new fears, old threats, and so much divisiveness, it’s a refreshing topic, “Here for Good” and one that is easy to forget about.

But at Jewish Community Federation of Richmond, Good is something we think about every day. Because Good is something that we do every day.

Good is in our DNA, as a community, and as an organization. Good is what we have been doing for over 86 years.

It’s what we are focused on now, during one of the hardest periods we have ever faced. And Good is what we are focused on building in the future.

Thanks to your support, together with that of hundreds and hundreds throughout Greater Richmond – here at home, in Israel and throughout the world we have made important and significant impact.

Engine for Good

But the truth is, while JCFR is the engine for Good in Richmond, the work we do in supporting individuals and organizations is often done in the background. Federation impacts virtually every part of Jewish communal life.

And this year, as COVID-19 changed our world, we didn’t just continue our work. We evolved, finding even more ways to provide support. That included being a lifeline to our isolated seniors, connection to young and old and vital assistance to the critical infrastructure of our community.

As the main supporters of our city’s Jewish human services agencies, we help those with special needs, families in distress and people struggling with mental health issues, drug addiction or other overwhelming life challenges – all of which only increased last year.

We were there tracking down and distributing PPE to essential medical workers when no other group could, and we are always preparing for and meeting the next need.

Strengthen Jewish Life

But Good isn’t just about working in crisis mode. It’s about being proactive to strengthen Jewish life and lay the foundation for the next generation.  Which is why we’re dedicated to supporting Jewish educational opportunities from preschool through high school, university life and on into adulthood.

Programs like PJ Library, deliver Jewish learning to young families – with free books and music delivered straight to their doors each month.

JCFR’s scholarship funds provide subsidies to parents who wish to send their children to Jewish day school, overnight camp and day camp. It’s a need we have seen increase over the past year.

And our funding of the Weinstein JCC helps provides after-school classes, and other Jewish learning programs that our community counts on.

The foundation of Good that begins with our youngest children, stays with them as they mature, and as the next generation finds ways to connect to their Judaism that are meaningful and relevant to them.

A Safe Tomorrow

As we do this Good at home and around the world, we are reminded that a thriving Jewish tomorrow depends on a safe, secure Jewish community today.

With the undeniable rise in antisemitism and hate, we are actively involved in making the world a more secure place. We are doing it through our Security Initiative in partnership with Secure Community Network (SCN).

This partnership is focused on providing security preparedness training customized for our Jewish communal institutions, as well as high-level national affiliation with federal, state and local law enforcement.

We invest in our security because being Here For Good means ensuring that our people never have to fear for their safety. And that their right to live openly and freely as Jews is never in question.

In the Federation article on 14 programming grants in this digital paper, you can see some of the amazing ways we are able to be Here For Good as we share our Grant making results.

But Good doesn’t just happen on its own. It comes from our supporters, who are dedicated to the promise of a flourishing Jewish future.

Thank you for sharing our values and, helping families struggling in our community get back on their feet, ensure the vulnerable continue to be cared for, and that younger generations are given the opportunities to connect to our heritage and Jewish communal life.

Just as we have in the past. Just as we will in the future.

With your help, we’re not going anywhere.

To reach out to me, email: daniel@jewishrichmond.org.

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