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Temple Beth-El Embarks on a Major Renovation: Be a Part of It!


The vision of the Next 90 Years is about to unfold in Richmond.

You can easily be a part of Temple Beth-El’s Renovation and Restoration Project.  You could help transform the breezeway between the sanctuary and the administration building into a skylight-topped Atrium with an accessible main entrance and new gathering space, create a secure rear entrance with a new elevator, bring bathrooms up to the sanctuary level, add a “Prayground” for children at the rear of the sanctuary, comply with safety and fire codes to eliminate those threats to the structures and to congregants’ safety, and refresh the beauty and grandeur of the Sanctuary without changing its dramatic and spiritually-moving magnificence.

Cherished Memory

Many of us in Richmond have a warm or cherished memory that flashes on Temple Beth-El.  Was it being at or a part of a bat or bar mitzvah, a wedding, a Brit Milah or baby-naming, a memorial, or one of the hundreds of social events held there, be it a party, concert, or even the symphony? Was it to volunteer for a program for the homeless, the community, or another social-awareness need?  Now is your chance to honor or memorialize that moment.

You can have your name on the Wall of Donors for an $18 donation as a Builder.   For $5,400 or more, you can dedicate a plaque to the memory of a loved one, an occasion, or anything meaningful to you or your family.

For that same $5,400, you can add your name to a new item or addition in the building, or one that exists now.  Go to bethelrichmond.org/hhd to see the options and make a donation or pledge to this overdue, necessary gesture of recognition to our founders who knew Beth-El’s continuity and survival would be a constant work in progress, including its structures.


It was 90 years ago, in 1931, when the vision was put into motion by a few dozen families, many of whom still have descendants living and attending Temple Beth-El on Grove Avenue.  They had the foresight to create a space that has been an integral part of Judaism in Richmond.

The same need for the spiritual and social connections they found continues and will transcend the next nine decades, if we ensure its existence as a safe and secure space with the same breathtaking spiritual beauty that it had decades ago.

Slated to begin by this Thanksgiving, the sanctuary building renovation is projected to be completed over the winter while the new Atrium and office spaces will be completed by Summer 2022.

Be a part of the future, now!  Email Frances Goldman at fgoldman@taxcomplex.com.

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