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JCFR provides special grant to assist 4 Holocaust Survivors


The Jewish Community Federation of Richmond has made a special grant to the Holocaust Survivor Support Fund (HSSF) to help care for several low-income Survivors in Virginia.

The grant covers such necessities as grocery food gift cards, orthopedic shoes and related transportation to a doctor.

Founded in 2016

The HSSF, launched in 2016, is a collaboration of six organizations convened by the Jewish Federation of Greater Atlanta to meet the needs of Holocaust Survivors in their final years.

It currently helps more than 100 Survivors on an annual basis.

HSSF is a regional initiative, and presently there are five Survivors assisted in Virginia. However, four Survivors do not live within the geographic catchment area of a local Jewish agency, and HSSF was in need of assistance.

Accordingly, the JCFR received a request to assist these four Survivors, and a $4,600 grant was made.

HSSF noted, “This gift to support these Virginia Survivors makes a tremendous impact. It addresses food insecurity and medical-related needed. Thank you.”

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