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Meaningful Meals continues to serve frontliners

Six nurses from St. Mary's -Bon Secours - Hospital hold lunches they received in 2020 from Meaningful Meals.

Meaningful Meals, a special initiative started in March 2020 by Claudia Biegler and Janet Meyers to support frontline workers during the pandemic, continues to offer free box lunches.

Since its start, the two with assistance from caterer, Louis Campbell of Garish, have served more than 3,500 people in 45+ difference locations, according to Claudia and Janet. They have provided meals to workers in hospitals, nursing homes, pharmacies and others during this time.

“Every time we leave, there is a smile on the face of the employees who can go back to their jobs, often in very difficult conditions, knowing that they are appreciated,” they noted in a recent letter to donors.  The two have received many letters of thanks and appreciation.

Outpouring of donations

They also received an unexpected outpouring of donations from individuals and including youngsters and are very thankful and grateful for this support.

Claudia and Janet had hoped to put Meaningful Meals to rest but unfortunately the surge in past few months has accelerated the need to continue.

“We never thought Meaningful Meals would have to continue this long, but the need is still there …  We can’t stop coordinating meals … and we hope you won’t stop providing donations, so we can pay the bills and keep Meaningful Meals alive.”

To learn more about Meaningful Meals, visit


To make a donation, it can be sent to:

Meaningful Meals, c/o Richmond Jewish Foundation

P.O. Box 17128, Richmond, VA 23226

or http://www.rjfoundation.org

(Note: please identify Meaningful Meals Fund in the “Fund Designation” or in the memo space of your check.)