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Child participant Grahm Brightly-Goldstein with adult leader Larry Katz at Brith Achim Children's Awesome Service Experience (CASE).

Children’s Awesome Service Experience

Do you know parents who:

– Want their children more engaged by Jewish services?
– Would like their children to learn more about our culture?
– Hope their children are more motivated about Judaism?

Congregation Brith Achim held its inaugural Children’s Awesome Service Experience (CASE) on Oct. 5.  Sponsored by the Jewish Community Federation of Richmond, the program presents prayer and Hebrew in a manner intended to excite and inspire children ages five to 10.

Traditional, core prayers and Hebrew practice are supplemented by videos, games and activities (with prizes) to keep children attentive.  While services are available live via Zoom and recordings on Facebook, having a large number of volunteers and limiting attendance to a small number of children ensures effective individualized assistance with learning Hebrew and prayers.

Pictured are child participant Grahm Brightly-Goldstein with adult leader Larry Katz.

Children’s services will be held every first and third Saturday at 10:30 a.m.  The services coincide with adult services in the sanctuary.  For more information, contact David Goldstein at draveg@gmail.com or check out Congregation Brith Achim’s Facebook page.