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JURVA: Jewish National Fund USA – Richmond


Richmond, we are pleased to announce the formation of JURVA – a Richmond Committee of the Jewish National Fund USA!

Since 1901, the Jewish National Fund has been dedicated to reestablishing and sustaining Israel as a prosperous homeland for the Jewish people.  While you may be familiar with Blue Boxes and Trees for Israel, did you know that JNF USA is also involved with many other great programs like fortifying Israel’s water supplies and supporting new community development in the Negev?

As a local JNF USA Committee, JURVA is committed to increasing awareness, access and engagement between JNF USA and the Richmond Community.  To achieve these goals, JURVA hosts educational events and provides local resources within the Richmond Community.  Through these programs, we strive to make a meaningful connection between local support for JNF, and its impact on life in Israel.

A great example of what JURVA brings to Richmond was in early September, when we hosted Tamar Gil.  Tamar works with JNF-USA’s Lauder Employment Center to make internship programs available between companies and students in the Negev.

The connections formed because of the Lauder Employment Center help to keep talented workers in the Negev after graduation, and ultimately support continued economic and community development in the region.  Throughout her visit, Tamara met one-on-one with members of our community and brought to life many of this program’s success stories.

In the future, JURVA will continue to host local events, and we would love to make these opportunities available to everybody in the Richmond Community.

To learn more about this organization, please join us on Facebook at JURVA.  Also, please reach out to jurva1901@gmail.com to join our e-mail list so that you can stay in the loop on all our future events!