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Brith Achim Happenings


By David Goldstein

We had many marvelous activities in December as our members celebrated Hanukkah and shared the holiday with the community. The pictures with the article depict some of the “great miracles happening here” – in the Tri-Cities.

January will be a more typical month, with our ongoing activities described below.

December featured our month-long outreach to the Tri-Cities community. Sisterhood created Hanukkah displays for each public library in the area and the Petersburg Visitors Center. Brian Silver led an effort that furnished a Hanukkah room in the Centre Hill Mansion (a museum). Amy Blumenthal continued our participation in the Petersburg Area Art League’s holiday display competition.

Pictured at the Hanukkah Celebration serving table are Frank and Wendy Friedman, Howard Baranker, and Mike Packer.

Our annual Hanukkah party was the highlight of December. Sisterhood staffed the kitchen, led by chefs Sarah Packer and Carolyn Belgrad. The party included live music, a buffet (including latkes and sufganiyot), a raffle and a children’s “grab bag.”

(ABOVE PHOTO) Lynn Lapidus was the guest soloist, with Michael Packer providing instrumentals, and David Goldstein with his eight-year-old son, Grahm, leading a sing-along. Everyone left seemingly stuffed, holding gifts and feeling joyous!

December also continued our Children’s Awesome Services Experience (CASE). Like every first and third Saturday, we held the children’s service, with Hebrew instruction, Torah portion coverage, prayer, music, games and small monthly prizes.

Pictured are Naomi Rinehart and Grahm Brightly-Goldstein with their prizes. December also added a new event on the 18th for children: a children’s movie party held concurrently with our Havdallah, movie and potluck event sponsored by Men’s Club.

January continues our normal schedule of Friday and Saturday services, with CASE the first and third Saturday at 10:30 a.m. We are also having an adult and children’s movie is on Jan. 17.

For more information about any of these events contact David Goldstein at drdaveg@gmail.com.

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