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Brith Achim Happenings

Pictured is the Congregation Brith Achim Hanukkah display at the Chester Library. Hanukkah displays were created for area museums, other libraries and several public locations.

By David Goldstein

A new sectarian year has started so traditional services are ongoing with preparations underway for exciting activities for the Spring holidays.

Shabbat services are being held on Friday nights and certain Saturday mornings.  Specifically, the first and third Saturday of each month include both adult services and the JCFR-sponsored Children’s Awesome Service Experience.

Services are on Zoom and CDC guidance is being followed to consider holding in-person services (when feasible).  Thursday night Torah study has shifted to a video examination of the founding of Israel over Zoom.

February continues these activities as well as preparations for Purim.  Our children’s service is planning on including a hybrid puppet show/play as part of the congregational party.  Anyone interested in auditioning for a part is welcome to inquire!

For more information about any of these events, contact David Goldstein at drdaveg@gmail.com.