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Virginia Voice offers Reflector in its reading schedule


Virginia Voice is now including The Reflector in its regular broadcast readings from local and national publications.

This non-profit, Virginia Voice already has a weekly program — “Jewish Life,” a 30-minute weekly program that has been in its schedule for some time now and currently airs at 8 a.m. on Sunday mornings.

Virginia Voice planned to include The Reflector in the “Jewish Life” schedule of readings effective in February.

Virginia Voice’s 100+ volunteer readers record weekly readings from local and national publications, which our then broadcast via single-channel radio, smart speakers, and its website for Central Virginians with print disabilities including blindness and low vision.

There are no costs for its valuable services.

According to Director of Programs and Volunteers Teresa Wray, “One of our aims is to connect our listeners with community through accessible information.

“Toward that, this year we’ve expanded our coverage of suburban community newspapers such as The Henrico Citizen, Goochland Gazette, and others. Still, we recognize that many communities are unrelated to geography.

She continued, “These communities form around shared traditions, values, or social experiences. Our audience is as diverse as Richmond. We should offer them programming that’s equally diverse.”

She continued, “The Reflector is a wonderful resource full of community news, information, upcoming activities, and food for thought. Virginia Voice wants to support our listeners in feeling connected with communities like those you want to nurture.”

To learn more about Virginia Voice and to take advantage of each broadcast reading of certain articles in The Reflector and other many other publications, visit https://www.virginiavoice.org/programs-alphabetically/. We hope you find it a great service.