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The Good That Goes Everywhere!


For 86 years, thanks to your generosity, Federation has built, sustained, and secured the Jewish community.

Over the past two years that work has allowed us to meet challenges head on, and they just seemed to keep coming.

From lockdown to reopening. From peace to war. From certainty to uncertainty. Federation kept going, and we helped our community to keep moving forward. Through days that tested our resolve, our strength, and our mission, we did not waiver.

Our message this year will focus on the power of an unrestricted gift and the strength of our Federation system. Our community needs us!

The organizational and communal framework Federation supports was critical in helping Jewish Richmond respond to the Pandemic, the war in Ukraine and the needs of a growing and changing community. We did so with vibrancy, unity and compassion.

Since 2021, Federation has provided over $5.896 million in support of our community and leveraged an additional $5.5 million in revenue from Grants, PPP loans and special funds.

Thousands of lives locally and hundreds of thousands globally were impacted by those dollars. Every local agency and synagogue benefited and most critically, we were there for the most vulnerable among us, acting with dignity, care and compassion, during the most difficult of times.

  • Scholarships requests for preschool and camps rose significantly and many continue to struggle financially. We met the needs of families through the JFS Richmond Jewish Care Line, a collaborative community initiative funded in large part by your Federation dollars.
  • Our engagement and connections efforts have engaged hundreds, including many who have never been to an event or connected to an organization.
  • We continue to see growing needs in Ukraine with an uncertain future of either rebuilding or resettling hundreds of thousands of displaced and traumatized families.
  • Our students on campus are asking for increased support, service and belonging as they struggle with rising antisemitism and isolation. We must continue to build bridges throughout Richmond to stem the tide of rising antisemitism and build inclusive and diverse community.

Federation can and will step up to meet these challenges and many more; it’s what we do.

As we launch our 2023 Fundraising Campaign, under the leadership of Financial Resource Development (FRD) Chair Richard Thalhimer and Women’s Philanthropy Chair Jill Goldfine, we are ready to raise the critical dollars our community relies on and will thrive with. Our response in times of crisis does not wait for the needs to be present.

Federation is here every day. The work we do, day in and day out, allows us to be there when the Jewish Community needs us!

Whether it is moving forward in building a more diverse and inclusive community, strengthening security for our Jewish agencies and synagogues or strengthening the Jewish community safety net, with your help and support of the Federation Annual Campaign we can make it happen.

So, in advance, thank you as always for giving generously and joining our collective effort!

Please know that every dollar and every gift matters. It allows us to impact Jewish life LOCALLY AND IN EVERY CORNER OF THE WORLD. IT TRULY IS THE GOOD THAT GOES EVERYWHERE!