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Support Richmond’s only Jewish Women’s Center


    On Aug. 9th, 2015, Keneseth Beth Israel broke ground on 6606 Patterson Avenue to construct Central Virginia’s first building exclusively for the advancement of the spiritual lives of local Jewish women.

At the core of its operations is a women’s ritualarium.  Today the location is known as the KBI Tish Marmorstein ע”ה Mikvah at the Sharon Jaffa Women’s Community Center.

This is now the fourth location among the local synagogues, and it shows an important investment in Jewish life for the Near West End neighborhoods.

Tours for ladies are available upon request by emailing Judith Maizels at justjewdee@gmail.com.  An all-female committee assists the shul board in overseeing the ritualarium and the affiliated women’s education programming.  (There’s also a separate auxiliary atelier for the keilim mikvah open to all.)

From now through the end of Hanukkah, the committee is running a special fundraising drive to build awareness of this enterprise and to support their important work.  The Women’s Community Center is now accepting dedications for their “Wall of Honor” at prices that are 50 percent off.  See the image nearby for sizing and pricing information.

“My identity as a woman is the prism through which I reflect G-d to the world…In my mind the miracle of mikvah observance lies in how it removes the guilt I feel about focusing on my own needs. It provides women the opportunity to celebrate themselves…The brief moments spent completely immersed in the water supply a rare opportunity for stillness. To silence the voices of self-judgement within myself. The time gives me permission from the Almighty to center my attention on the beauty of being Eve.”

These heartfelt words by past chairwoman, Elizabeth Fitzgerald, help in part convey the importance of this organization to the local community.

   Please be on the lookout for future women’s informational sessions and get togethers via the KBI Mikvah organization.