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5400 Club Programs for July


July 3 –  NO PROGRAM : Holiday

July 10 –    Gregg Philipson, “Abracadabra, the Magic of Judaism.”  VIRTUAL ONLY

This award-winning presentation examines the history and significant contributions of Jewish magicians of the 19th and 20th centuries.

You will not want to miss this mystical meeting that also explores Jewish magicians and magic with a Holocaust connection. It is sure to be another in a series of colorful and engaging talks by our guest speaker. Gregg and Michelle Philipson have assembled a large collection of artifacts including Jewish-related military artifacts, Holocaust-era material, WWII propaganda and much more.

They lecture internationally on Jewish-related subjects including the Holocaust, Propaganda Art and Jewish Military History. The “Gregg and Michelle Philipson Collection and Archive” is regularly exhibited at major museums, universities, colleges, schools as well as U.S. military installations.

 July 17 – NO PROGRAM

July 24 –  Ronnie Goodstein, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Marketing at Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business. He also is on the executive education staff the Georgetown Center for Professional Development, and is an invited professor to several other prestigious executive programs around the world.

He is active in teaching customer relationship marketing. His clients here include CR Bard, Dell, Dow, Credit Suisse, HSBC, Head Start, Sodexo, and others.

His expertise is in teaching Trademarks & Branding; Consumer Insights; Consumer Confusion; Advertising & Integrated Marketing Communications; Survey and Experimental Research.

His topic, “Advertising: The Good, the Bad and The Ugly.”

Special time – 11:30 a.m. – 1 p.m.

Some comments on Advertising by the speaker.

“Marketing is evil.”

So, reads the headline of a recent article published in Psychology Today (Nemko 2017).  Nemko goes on to say that “Marketers use many psychological ploys to make you buy what you shouldn’t.” At the heart of this discussion is a scathing review of how marketers utilize advertising and other tools to sell “sizzle” instead of “steak.”

Nemko’s position is not new.  In addition to creating demand for unneeded products, advertising is also accused of creating materialism, increasing costs for consumers, promoting stereotypes related to gender, lifestyles, religion, and race.  Others claim that advertising is nothing but an unwelcomed intruder in programs, magazines, newspapers, movies, and every other form of modern media.  It ruins music and degrades the actors that sell-out for the sponsorship money.

Are Dr. Nemko and the other critics correct?

I believe that advertising has a brighter side.  Done properly, advertising has the ability to help consumers find more information about the products they consider.  Advertising can aid consumers in making better decisions that are often healthier and more affordable.  Advertising can unite people and touch people’s hearts in positive ways.  Advertisements, especially public service announcements (PSAs) can help promote important social causes and issues.   Advertising is entertaining; everyone loves to be a critic.

In our discussion, we will explore advertising from both sides.  What is wrong with ads and the people that make them?  What is great about advertising and their focus on helping consumers?  You should come to this program with your own point of view.  Please think of your favorite advertisement as well as your most hated ad.  Let’s review them all and decide at the end of the day whether advertising does, in fact, have a brighter side.

  July 31 – NO PROGRAM

For more information, contact Shari Menlowe-Barck at (804) 545-8611 or sbarck@weinsteinjcc.org

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