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Hadassah President’s Corner

Members of JOFA and Hadassah gathered for food and fellowship while discussing women in the Talmud.

Hadassah Richmond has been busy and having fun!

On May 21st, a group of women met at ArtSpace Gallery for a Rosh Chodesh event to usher in the Jewish month of Sivan. The group, which met for reflection and connection, discussed personal accomplishments that we sometimes overlook.

On May 31st, Hadassah partnered with JOFA (Jewish Feminist Orthodox Alliance) for Food for Thought, bringing together 30 people to discuss heroines in the Talmud while sampling delicious vegan recipes.

A group “hiked” Byrd Park on June 4th while learning about the history of the Byrd Park community, led by a VMFA Historian.

Save the date, Oct. 15, 9:30-11:30 a.m., and join us, for what is shaping up to be a FABULOUS program on Reproductive Freedom from a Jewish Perspective 50 Years Post Roe v. Wade.

Join us for an informational program with some history on reproductive freedom, current medical information on the consequences of not having our reproductive freedoms, and a strong call to action for Virginians.

Across the U.S. laws written from a pro-life viewpoint are based on purely Christian theology and assert that life begins at conception. Further, some laws state that even if the mother’s life is in danger, an abortion cannot be offered.

This ideology is not in keeping with Jewish teaching, and we want to empower our audience to speak up and speak out!

If these activities sound interesting to you, please reach out to me at arlenewiener@comcast.net to learn how to get involved.


Arlene Wiener

Hadassah Richmond President