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Or Atid instills a giving spirit


By Alexandra Mendez-Zfass

On Sunday, May 7th, Congregation Or Atid’s Helen and Sam Kornblau’s Religious School counted their Tzedakah. Each student brought Tzedakah throughout the year to put in their classroom box. Whether it be one penny, or a quarter, students did a great job remembering and contributing. (See photos above/below)


Earlier in the year, Morah Tal Simmons’ class was tasked with deciding where the school would be sending the money collected. Students Ryan Bunce, Zachary Mollen, and Shayne Morse researched different charities based on the criteria of location, mission statements, who benefits, and why the charity was important to them.

  • Ryan Bunce chose 4 Pawz, an animal welfare charity, helping local animals in need through adoption, pulling from overcrowded shelters, and medical care.
  • Zachary Mollen chose Yad la-kashish, a group whose mission is to give Jerusalem’s needy elderly a sense of purpose, self-worth and connection to mainstream society through creative work opportunities, essential support services and a warm community environment.
  • Shayne Morse picked VCU’s Children’s Hospital of Richmond that provides care to children from casts to cancer alongside clinical research and education.

A wonderful surprise occurred during our counting in which members Marci Weinberg and Jay Rue wanted their Tzedekah box’s to be combined with the Religious School’s!

The students counted the money that totaled $235.38. An anonymous member then matched the Tzedekah money for a total of $470.76 to be split evenly and sent to the charities above.

Congregation Or Atid is so proud of our students and their giving hearts!

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