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‘Digging Deeper’ presentation with Frankie Snyder on Sept. 12


Congregation Or Atid invites the community to attend a presentation about a first-hand report on an amazing and historically significant archaeological discovery in Israel.

This discovery was made by our congregation member, Frankie Snyder, who is a renowned and well-respected archeologist.


Frankie Snyder

In December of 2019, Frankie was working with the Associates for Biblical Research wet-sifting material from Mount Ebal in northern Israel. The material was part of a dump pile left from excavations on the mountain back in the 1980s. Within the debris she discovered a small, folded lead tablet, about 1” × 1”.

Scientific scanning and testing has revealed that it dates back well over 3,000 years to approximately 1200 to 1400 BCE. It contains the oldest Hebrew inscription found to date in Israel, and features the Israelite name of God, yod-hey-vav written in ancient Proto-Hebraic script.

In this program, she will discuss the tablet, its discovery, the scientific research done on it, the contents of the inscription, and the tablet’s significance in Israeli archaeology.

Her presentation, “Digging Deeper: Archaeology and the Bible – The Mount Ebal Curse Tablet ”  is set for Tuesday, Sept. 12, 7-8 p.m., at Or Atid, 10625, Patterson Ave.

Register for this fee event on Or Atid’s website by going to the calendar at https://www.oratid.org/event/digging-deeper-with-frankie-snyder—the-mount-ebal-curse-tablet.html.

If you are not able to make this event, but would like to attend one or more of Frankie’s fascinating monthly sessions, you can register on the  website or call the office at (804) 740-6545.