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New Shaliach will soon be in Richmond


Shahar Vaknin, our new community Shaliach (community emissary) to the Jewish Community Federation of Richmond, recently visited the Hadera-Eiron region and learned about the Partnership programs, the importance of our connections and what else can be done to strengthen the bonds between Hadera-Eiron and the Southeast communities. (see photo ABOVE)

We will welcome Shahar to Richmond in late September who comes to us from Mishmar Ayalon, a moshav in central Israel. He is 24 years old. For the past three summers, he has worked as a Shaliach at the Young Judea Camp Spout Lake in New York State. During the year, he has helped train other summer camp’s Shalichim.

While in Richmond, he will share his love of Israel through his engagements and speaking engagements. He will work with all out local Jewish agencies and partners, as well as churches, civic associations and others.

We will share more about Shahar in upcoming issues.

For more details, reach out to Sara Rosenbaum at srosenbaum@jewishrichmond.org. Reach out to Shahar at Israel@jewishrichmond.org.