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Gathering at the statue of Adèle Clark, suffragist and artist, at The Virginia Women's Monument, Voices from the Garden, Virginia State Capitol, are (from left) Cheri Wolff, Gail Moskowitz, Ann Eisenberg, Eileen Strulson and Janice Freed.

The end of the 2024 Virginia General Assembly (GA) was on March 9, and we’d like to thank those who took part in the important advocacy work of Hadassah.

We are proud of all our collective efforts and the many positive results regarding women’s rights and safety and security for the Jewish community.  Some of these issues that successfully passed include:

  • Contraceptive care and insurance coverage
  • Funding to support doulas and maternal health
  • Prohibitions against law enforcement obtaining menstrual health and data
  • Safety for medical personnel and their patients from out of state
  • Continuing education regarding unconscious bias and cultural competence
At Virginia Jewish Advocacy Day – (from left) Stacie Stufflebeam, Gail Moskowitz and Ann Eisenberg. Photo by Adriene Winkelmann Epstein.

Also, we are pleased with the addition of ethnicity in the Hate Crimes Statute.  This will make it easier for law enforcement to determine if acts of antisemitism have been intentional.

All of these successes in the GA depend on the Governor signing the bills. Hadassah Richmond has played an important leadership role in the democratic process during this 2024 General Assembly of Virginia.

We offer a special thanks to Miriam Davidow and Cheri Wolff, Co-chairs Advocacy, Hadassah Richmond; Gail Moskowitz; and to the  team with Hadassah National for all the support we received during the session.