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2021 Beth Sholom Employee Special Recognition Awards



Employee of the year

Ginalyn Kolb, CNA Healthcare Center
Ginalyn joined Beth Sholom in February of this year. Since she joined our team, we have received countless recommendations that Ms. Kolb be honored in some way. Ms. Kolb is a tremendously hard worker, averaging over 50 hours a week caring for our residents. We are very proud to have her on the Beth Sholom team.

Arthur Heller Employee Recognition Award
Established in memory of Arthur Heller, a beloved friend to all and a past resident of Beth Sholom Healthcare Center. This award given to an exceptional employee of the Beth Sholom Lifecare Community.

Shaniese Green, CNA Healthcare Center
Shaniese has been with Beth Sholom since 2013. She is a hard-working CNA who was loyal and steadfast through the COVID-19 pandemic while pursuing her RN license. We are very proud that Shaniese has chosen to stay with us and feel that she represents the spirit of the award. Thank you to Dan and Nancy Heller for their ongoing support of the Arthur Heller Award.

Rookie of the Year

Jillian Ryan, Executive Assistant to the CEO
Jillian was hired as an Executive Assistant in November 2020. We are so appreciative of her positive and can-do attitude. Jillian’s impact crosses every department and building on campus. Our new team motto “keep calm and let Jillian handle it”. Jillian handles just about everything and we all would be lost with her.