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Annually, thanks to the support of donors like you, Federation invests hundreds of thousands of dollars in programs and initiatives that enhance the connections between Greater Richmond and the people of Israel.

How do we make that investment come to life and mean something for our community here in Richmond? Federation has long been challenged to turn Israel from an abstract concept into a reality for our Richmond Jewish Community. To fund projects that help Israel and create meaningful connections between Richmond and Israel, creating a bridge of caring between Israel and Richmond.

Honeymoon Israel group during a service.

Last month saw the bridge between Richmond and Israel busy again after being quiet for far too long. It is wonderful to see so many community members going home to Israel again. One of our most important of these groups is Honeymoon Israel.

A diverse group of 32 members of our community had the time of their lives on Honeymoon Israel 2. They spent 10 impactful days immersed in all that Israel has to offer, while building community and connections to Jewish life that will carry them far into the future.

The group was led admirably by our Director of Community Engagement Rachel Peters, and the trip’s Jewish educator, Rabbi Ahuva Zaches of Congregation Or Ami.

See the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cdpHbVMvUw8

In July, JCFR President Amy Nisenson and Director of Women’s Philanthropy and Affinities Jill Grossman were in Israel visiting our family in Hadera and also joined leaders of Federations from throughout North America before traveling to the Poland-Ukraine Border.

Amy and Jill saw firsthand the lifesaving work being done to support Ukraine and Aliyah from across the world, especially the recent new Israelis from Ethiopia.

On July 17, JCFR Chief Impact Officer Sara Rosenbaum left Richmond to lead a group of 24 teens on a two-week exploration of Israel, including two Richmond teens. The program is part of our Partnership2Gether (P2G) Tikkun Olam program. Twelve teens from the Southeast United States joined up with 12 Israeli teens as they explore all that Israeli has to offer while sightseeing, learning, and participating in Community Service and leadership development projects. P2G turns Israel from an abstract concept into a reality by focusing on four primary areas: Jewish identity, leadership development, volunteer engagement and education.

JCFR President Amy Nisenson (center) and the Federation’s Jill Grossman (right) in Israel with Partnership2G leaders from our sister city in Hadera-Eiron.

By bringing Israelis and Israeli experiences to our community from the Partnership region, thousands of lives have been touched by P2G programs like Shlichim at Camp Hilbert, Israel Fellows at our Virginia universities and projects like School Twinning, Tikkun Olam, the L2G Leadership program for young adults and visits by community leaders.

In addition, Federation missions to Israel include visits to the region where Richmonders experience Israeli hospitality in a uniquely warm and personal way.

Each of these trips is far more than just travel. Exploring Israel, seeing the inspiring impact of our work, making lasting friendships through people-to-people encounters, and learning about amazing initiatives throughout the country – these visits provide an opportunity to showcase and acknowledge the Federation’s contribution to Israel and the way we impact Israeli society, all while building lasting and meaningful relationships that will forever tie our communities together.

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