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Better Space, Better Learning


Rudlin Torah Academy has invested this summer in enhancing its physical plant and improving the environment in which Richmond’s Jewish children learn. From decluttering to construction, RTA’s new leadership has been imagining and reimagining how to optimize the atmosphere in anticipation of welcoming the kids back to class in less than a month.

 “We’re creating spaces that lend themselves to better learning.” said Rabbi Elisha Paul, RTA’s new Head of School. “Whether that’s neutral yet airy paint colors or a new space we’re constructing as a learning center for enrichment and support, I am guided by what’s best for the kids.”

RTA is positioning itself to be the destination location for every child in Richmond seeking a Jewish education. To start, the school plans to do so by taking the warmth felt in its classrooms and situating it in an environment that is conducive to learning. Studies have shown that neat, organized, neutral and calming facilities correlate with higher test scores and student satisfaction.

Then, with the physical place in order, the hearts and minds within can be positioned for success. Coupling improved facilities with stronger community investment and additional resources, the school is strengthening its academic core and institutional security. Along with an orderly and well-kept building comes clarity of mind and purpose, and RTA is excited to begin moving forward.