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5400 Club for April


April 1 – Enrich for Life: Our 16th Annual Intergenerational Model Passover Seder features 7th and 8th grade students from Rudlin Torah Academy. A short traditional Seder with prayer and song will be followed by a full Passover meal. Open to all active adults who would like to participate. All faiths are welcome.

This program is free but RSVP is a must to Shari Menlowe-Barck at 545-8611 or sbarck@weinsteinjcc.org. Will start at 11:30 am.

April 8 –  Gregg Phillipson – a favorite returning speakers from Austin, Texas – will discuss, “Discrimination Never Takes a Vacation.” The presentation will highlight the history of how the American lodging and residential industry used both direct and covert methods to keep Jewish patrons from staying at or using their facilities. The presentation begins with a historical look at how this trend found its way to our shores from Europe, where vitriolic anti-Jewish hatred was prevalent for centuries.

April 15 – Todd Schall-Vess, JCC Technical Coordinator, “Thomas Edison: Genius or Monster?” Thought of as the kindly “Wizard of Menlo Park,” how much did Edison really invent and how much did he steal? What was he like to work with? Todd will look at moments of great vision, failed understanding and outright business ruthlessness as we try to understand this complicated man.

April 22 – First Passover Seder: NO PROGRAM

April 29 – End of Passover: NO PROGRAM