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We have Shalichim!


The JCFR is thrilled to be partnering with the Weinstein JCC for their Summer Camp Shlichim (emissaries) Program!

This program is vital to continue the community’s work to bring Israeli young adults as counselors and specialists at our summer camps. They enrich the Jewish ambiance and bring the “spirit of Israel” to our summer camp experience at Camp Hilbert and Camp Ganim. Welcome!

Rachel at Camp Hilbert having fun with some campers.

The summer we welcomed Hila Assis and Rachel Avrushmi. Hila, 22, is from Nes Ziyyona, and was part of the Isaeli Scout Movement. She also danced modern and hip hop for 10 years as part of a dance company, Rachel, 21, is from Sa’Ad. For two years, she was a counselor for kids, ages 7-13 years old as part of the Bnei Akiva youth movement organization.

The following are some recent photos of both with campers at Camp Hilbert and Camp Ganim. The September Reflector will have more on their experiences this summer.