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Hadassah Richmond Advocacy

Hadassah members with Governor Terry McAuliffe at Virginia Advocacy Day.
Hadassah members and friends gather with Delegate Eileen Filler-Corn at Virginia Jewish Advocacy Day in early February 2020.

Hadassah Richmond is, as in previous years, engaged in advocacy regarding Virginia legislation that affects Hadassah policies.

This year, we are carefully reviewing legislation regarding women’s health care, especially reproductive rights and the religious freedom concerns for us as Jews.  Many of the bills being proposed are quite extreme and replicate what other states have seen occurring that completely restrict abortion access.

As well, other issues relating to Israel, Holocaust Education, and Antisemitism will also be followed.

Hadassah members will strive to communicate our concerns to relevant legislators privately and in committee meetings in an effort to evoke preferred outcomes. (To follow Hadassah’s advocacy policies, go to: www.hadassah.org/get-involved/advocate-take-action.)

Several Hadassah advocacy members met with Delegate Carrie Coyner on Zoom recently. (Top/from left) Del. Coyner, Cheri Wolff and Gail Moskowitz
, (bottom) Rabbi Randi Nagel and Arlene Wiener.

Since our successful program in October our small advocacy team has continued to meet with legislators at both in person and virtual meetings, specifically regarding reproductive rights and explaining our perspective of the religious freedom issue.

Many thanks to our lead advocacy team for your attendance. If you would like to be kept up to date on legislation as it is reviewed and voted on in the House and Senate and/or if you are willing to contact legislators either in person or via call/emails, please let Cheri Wolff (wolffies.cb@gmail.com) know of your interest.

We are looking to add to our active advocacy team to support the interests of Hadassah Richmond.

Continuing to be actively engaged in the wider community, Hadassah Richmond was represented at a briefing January 3 by Delegates Eileen Filler-Corn and Delores McQuinn and their newly created Virginia Interfaith Reproductive Liberty Coalition.

The women legislators want to stop faith-based support of abortion from being kicked to the curb by those who claim that the only way to be religious is to oppose a woman’s right to choose.

“What about our religious rights?” said Delegate Filler-Corn, who is deeply concerned about the attempt to impose the narrow views of one religious group over all others when it comes to reproductive healthcare.  https://richmondfreepress.com/news/2022/aug/25/delegates-filler-corn-and-mcquinn-launch-interfait/

Additionally, we were represented at an event Jan. 23 sponsored by the Virginia Equity Alliance and supported by ReproRising Virginia and other organizations.

This was a day for various advocacy groups to come together to voice our concerns about legislation that has been submitted in Virginia.

Hadassah Richmond members were also engaged in a national Hadassah presentation to bring us a broader look at our threats to reproductive choice on January 23, entitled Hadassah The State of Choice: Taking Action in a Post-Roe America.

Hadassah Richmond members are strongly encouraged to join The Jewish Community Federation of Richmond/Jewish Community Relations Committee, and Jewish communities throughout the Commonwealth on Feb. 8 for Virginia Jewish Advocacy Day (also known as Date With the State).

On that day we will hear from elected officials and to advocate on the bills that are important to the Jewish community.

To register, go to jewishrichmond.regfox.com/2023-virginia-jewish-advocacy-day.

When you register, please include HADASSAH RICHMOND as an affiliation and let us know if you plan to attend.