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Hadassah Advocacy Update


By Miriam Davidow

Since the much anticipated and greatly attended fall program, Women’s Reproductive Health from a Jewish Perspective, Hadassah Richmond advocates have engaged with legislators to share our perspective on women’s health and rights.

This advocacy continued into the 2023 Virginia General Assembly including attendance and support for Virginia Jewish Advocacy Day/Date with the State.


(Back/from left) Amy Melnick-Scharf, Sylvia Farbstein and Ben Melton; (Front) Eric Jacobson, Ann Eisenberg and Cheri Wolff.

Hadassah fosters women’s leadership and empowers Jewish women to effect change.  Hadassah’s 300,000+ supporters across all 50 states and over 900 across Central Virginia advocate for key policy priorities for Hadassah.

Together with Hadassah chapters across the Commonwealth and with the support of Sharon Goretsky, President, Southern Seaboard Region, we have worked with other advocates to support women’s reproductive and hence, their families, health.

Hadassah calls for greater equity in health research, an increased focus on prevention strategies for women and expanded access to care.

Hadassah believes women deserve agency over their own bodies and the autonomy to make reproductive health decisions based on medical guidance and their own values, and that providers of reproductive health services and reproductive rights allies must be protected.

For more information or to become a Hadassah advocate, contact Miriam Davidow or Cheri Wolff.

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