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Kehillah Happenings


We’re excited to be providing FOUR WAYS you can celebrate Passover this year:

  1. Shabbat Brunch & Learn: Richmond LOVES brunch! So, join us for a Passover-friendly “brunch and learn” April 8th at 10 a.m., including a mimosa bar (non-alcoholic options available), eggs, lox, and of course matzoh. Enjoy some food while Rabbi Patrick takes us through the hidden history and meaning of the Passover haggadah, plus a few musical moments with Robin Rio. Tickets are only $10 per person (prices adjusted for fees). All are welcome, interfaith and family friendly⁠. Get tickets here.
  2. Home-Hosted Seders: Our Kehillah members are opening their homes to one another—and you! Go to our website for a listing of homes that are offering seats at their Passover table. Please reach out to the families directly for more information.
  3. Seder-ish: Join us for our annual virtual seder April 5th at 6 p.m., sponsored by Diversity Richmond! We’ll be using the Homebound Haggadah, a seder service that hits all your favorite Passover moments (without the long, drawn-out parts), and with a focus on spiritual ideas to help make this Passover less like a compromise and more like a moment of joy. Plus, this year features the addition of Robin Rio on guitar! All are welcome, interfaith and family friendly⁠—and there is no cost! Please RSVP so we will know to expect you! You will receive the link to join once you register.
  4. Care Packages: Free and delivered right to your home! Includes grocery store gift card, matzoh (‘cuz obviously), Rebbetzin’s charoset mix, Haggadot (user-friendly and no Hebrew experience required), grape juice, and information about our Passover offerings. Go to our website for full guidelines and request form.

Additional Events

  • Jewish Learning Café: April 4th
  • Shabbat Brunch: April 22nd

View our calendar for details and registration.

For more information about how Kehillah can be part of your journey, go to https://kehillahrva.org. Stay updated by joining our email list at https://kehillahrva.org/subscribe and following our Facebook and Instagram @kehillahrva.