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Call for Artists: Join the 2023-2024 Sara November Art Gallery Season!


The Weinstein JCC is thrilled to announce the upcoming 2023-2024 Sara November Art Gallery season, which promises to be an exciting showcase of both local and Israeli talent.

We are currently seeking artists to participate in this dynamic season and have a special exhibit in store.

The highlight of this upcoming season will be the ‘Right Brain/Left Brain-Intersection’ exhibit, which aims to explore the creative endeavors of individuals in “left-brained” career fields who are also talented “right-brained” artists.

Specifically, the Weinstein JCC is looking for artists who have a background in scientific, mathematical, or medical fields and have pursued their passion for art alongside their professional pursuits.

If you are currently working or have worked in a scientific, mathematical, or medical field and have a portfolio of artwork to showcase, we invite you to be a part of this exciting winter 2024 exhibit. This is a fantastic opportunity to highlight the intersection of creativity and analytical thinking in your artistic expression.

To express your interest and submit your artwork for consideration, please contact Holly Markhoff at hmarkhoff@weinsteinjcc.org.

Kindly include images or samples of your work in your submission.

The Weinstein JCC looks forward to reviewing your submissions and curating an extraordinary exhibition that celebrates the talents of these multi-dimensional artists.

Join them in making the 2023-2024 Sara November Art Gallery season a memorable one!