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Celebrating Hattie Shocket at 100: A remarkable inspiration at JCC!

Hattie Shocket with daughter, Linda and her husband, Greg, at the EnRich for Life program in June where she was celebrated for her 100th birthday.

The Weinstein JCC proudly celebrated Hattie Shocket’s 100th birthday at the EnRich For Life event in June.

The occasion was nothing short of extraordinary, with a delicious kosher lunch, a homemade birthday cake, and lively entertainment by the Richmond Cadet Alumni Band.

It was a true testament to Hattie’s dedication and inspirational presence in our community.

(FROM LEFT) Fazuah, Doris, Gail, Ilene and Josephine in front of the special 100th birthday cake for Hattie – the kitchen mavens for Enrich for Life lunch.

Shari Menlowe-Barck, the JCC’s Adult Programming Director, couldn’t help but commend Hattie – acknowledging her unwavering energy and commitment.

According to Shari, “Hattie’s passion for wellness and ongoing involvement at the JCC serves as a shining example that age is just a number. We are truly honored to have her as a valued member.”

Even at the remarkable age of 100, Hattie’s commitment to a healthy and vibrant lifestyle remains unmatched. She actively participates in JCC activities, engaging in exercise and enjoying Game Day. Her enthusiasm and dedication serve as a profound inspiration to all.

We invite the entire community to join us in celebrating Hattie’s continuous presence and engagement at the JCC. Her remarkable determination and passion defy age, encouraging others to embrace an active and fulfilling life. Hattie Shocket embodies resilience and showcases the ability to thrive at any age.

If you too wish to be part of the Weinstein JCC’s Active Adult Programs, contact Shari Menlowe-Barck at (804) 545-8611 or sbarck@weinsteinjcc.org.