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‘Unbreakable Ukrainians: A journey into the heart of resilience’


“Unbreakable Ukrainians”

at the City of Richmond’s Main Library  Sept. 1 – Oct. 3

In the heart of Richmond, a transformative narrative awaits your attention this September.

The Ukrainian community of Virginia has taken upon itself to curate an awe-inspiring exhibition titled “Unbreakable Ukrainians” at the City of Richmond’s Main Library located at  101 East Franklin St., Richmond.

Unfolding the stories of everyday heroes, it aims to unveil the lesser-known faces of war—the resolute shopkeepers, the steadfast teachers, the indefatigable doctors—all ordinary people facing extraordinary circumstances, and persisting nonetheless.

Our perspective of warfare often restricts heroism to the battlefield. This exhibition, however, re-frames the definition of heroism, reminding us that it isn’t exclusive to the military personnel. These narratives of courage and strength captured in the photographs reflect the essence of true heroism that is embodied in everyday resilience.

Running from Sept. 1st to Oct. 3rd, the exhibition features an array of stories captured in 40 thought-provoking pieces by talented Ukrainian photographers. These photographers, risking their own lives, ventured into hazardous territories, making it their mission to reveal the true face of this war to the world.

Alongside the photographs, you’ll find several war artifacts, providing a more tangible insight into the day-to-day reality of war.

The exhibition also offers interactive experiences through workshops on traditional trench-candle making and camouflage-net weaving, giving you a hands-on understanding of survival strategies in war-stricken zones.

The opening reception on Sept. 1st at 6:30 p.m. promises an experience in itself, offering complimentary refreshments and an exclusive military memorabilia auction. You’ll also have the chance to purchase authentic Ukrainian souvenirs, bringing a small part of Ukraine’s indomitable spirit back home with you.

The aim of this exhibition is not just to inform, but to inspire. The Ukrainian community of Virginia invites you to experience the determination and unwavering spirit of Ukrainians as they push forward against all odds, striving for nothing less than victory.

This exhibition isn’t only about acknowledging Ukraine’s fight for territorial sovereignty. It is a testament to their fight for human rights and freedom, sending a message that the Ukrainian struggle today safeguards the freedoms of civilizations worldwide against tyranny.

As you step into the world of “Unbreakable Ukrainians,” you do more than merely observe. You stand in solidarity with a nation’s unyielding resilience, bearing witness to the human spirit’s invincibility. This is not just an exhibition, but a call to action to join the Ukrainian people in their quest for freedom, peace, and dignity.

Your presence and support for this event carry more weight than you may realize.

So, we warmly invite you to be a part of this event, to journey into the heart of resilience, and to stand with Ukraine.

Remember, the exhibition is free of charge, but the experience and the insights you’ll gain are priceless. Mark your calendars for Sept. 1st. See you there!

For information about the library hours, visit rvalibrary.org/about/locations/main-library/


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