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President’s Report

Arlene Wiener

Time has always been a surprising measure to me.

When you look forward it feels long, but when looking back it feels like a flash. This comes to my mind as my 2-year Hadassah Richmond presidency comes to an end.

Back in December 2021, it felt daunting and a bit uncertain as I agreed to take on this role and now the end is near.

I am grateful for the opportunity this position gave me and thank the community. I have met so many people in Richmond and in the Hadassah Southern Seaboard community.

The events that were held during these 2 years introduced me to other Jewish institutions in the community, helped me develop my communication skills and learn better time management skills. Re-read past Reflector issues, to be reminded of all the chapter has accomplished. I am in awe of the creativity of the chapter’s leaders. I thank them for their support.

I will stay connected to the chapter – not just attending events – but as a mentor for future leaders. In these articles, I usually encourage attendance at events and bringing your ideas forward. I want to also encourage you to get involved to learn more about Hadassah. You can do that by taking on a role.

The chapter needs a Membership liaison, an Education liaison, a Programming liaison and a Fundraising liaison – just to name a few open positions.

You don’t have to do it alone. You can be paired up with a co-liaison. While doing so, you will be supporting Hadassah Richmond and all of our worthwhile programming. You will be supporting our community. And you will be supporting Israel.

Hadassah Hospital has played a vital role since Israel’s inception and continues to do so during its latest conflict.

Please reach out to me at arlenewiener@comcast.net to learn more about these roles or your own ideas about how to get involved. I promise you; you will receive as much from the experience as you give. And the time will go fast!


Arlene Wiener