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The Cycle of Learning continues at KBI; Newcomers are welcome

Pictured is the index to the work of Igros Moshe, by Rabbi Moshe Feinstein

Known as the People of the Book, Jews have been learning Torah and indeed this learning has both united the Jewish people and enabled Jews to weather their travels throughout the world during the diaspora.

One of the great modern scholars of the Jewish people was Rabbi Moshe Feinstein of blessed memory.

Rav Moshe came to America in the 20th century and led the community in the Lower East Side of Manhattan in New York.

He established the preeminent Yeshiva in New York, Mesivta Tiferes Yerushalayim. Jews of all walks of life in America looked to Rabbi Feinstein for guidance on how to connect to G-d and be Jews in America, blending their heritage in a different country.

Many people wrote him letters seeking guidance, and these questions and Rav Moshe’s responses were compiled in a publication entitled Igros Moshe.

For over a period of two years, members of Keneseth Beth Israel have been joining daily to learn Rav Moshe’s publication, Igros Moshe and recently they finished learning the entire work.

In celebration of completing this learning, the members sponsored a Kiddush to share their joy with the rest of the community.

This is not the end but just the beginning. They will continue learning and the next project will be to learn the laws of Brachos (Blessings).

If anyone is interested in joining this learning or other learning projects, please contact the rabbi of Keneseth Beth Israel, Rabbi Dovid Asher (dovidasher@gmail.com).