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How we remember


By Jesse Feld

President & CEO

Richmond Jewish Foundation

Never forget.

The phrase we use regularly when we speak of the atrocities of the Holocaust, “never forget,” has become part of our communities’ collective DNA. We constantly use the Hebrew word, (Zachor), which means remember.

As much as we understand this undertaking, a question must be asked: if we are to never forget, how should we remember?

The truth of the matter is that there are many, varied if not sometimes blurry answers to this question. However, when it comes to Richmond Jewish Foundation, you can look at our fall grant opportunities as one, clear and pronounced answer.

Each of these funds (listed below) ensures that we meet our collective mission to “never forget,” in their own, distinct ways. It is poetic justice that these funds will continue to grow and last for generations to come.

 Herbert J and Ruth B. Rubel Holocaust Education Fund

  • Henry and Gertrude Kupfer Holocaust Education Fund
  • Brenda Zimm Oscar and Melvin Zimm Memorial Fund
  • Alexander Lebenstein Fund for Tolerance and Human Rights
  • Ipson Holocaust Education Fund

In the past few years, these funds have supported important, educational programs run by agencies like Emek Shalom Holocaust Memorial Cemetery, Jewish Life at VCU, the Virginia Holocaust Museum, NCSY (National Conference of Synagogue Youth), the Weinstein JCC and many more. The continued light that these community institutions have brought because of these funds is immeasurable.

If you’re interested in building a lasting impact, creating sustainable support for the organizations you care about, and making a lasting memory, contact us about developing a fund. You can also contribute to any of the funds listed in this article by clicking the Donate button at rjfoundation.org.

To learn more, contact RJF President and CEO, Jesse Feld, at (804) 545-8656 or jesse@rjfoundation.org

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