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Tikkun Olam: Repair the World


Over the past several months, FreeHorse Arts had the opportunity to create and implement programming for 144 children and their teachers in the Weinstein JCC preschool.

Funded by a generous grant from VCU, this multifaceted project explored the themes of diversity and inclusion. It demonstrates that each living being is unique, having special gifts to offer in the pursuit of repairing the world and beyond.

The goal of the program was to offer joy and healing through art creation and play—not only to the preschool students, affected by months of COVID quarantine isolation—but also the faculty who have been committed to the herculean task of keeping the children “safe” from the virus, while creating and facilitating innovative and creative learning throughout.

The experience of art making offered rejuvenation and healing for the Weinstein JCC’s incredible faculty as well as to the students—and now to the families and community at large.