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Artful Engagements: A showcase of community creativity


Renowned Jewish glass artist Neil Duman’s captivating glassworks are currently gracing the front lobby of the Weinstein JCC.

Hailing from Baltimore and now based in Virginia, Duman’s exquisite blown glass creations will be on display until March 2024. A diverse selection of his impressive pieces, developed through his artistic journey at the Maryland Institute of Fine Art and Virginia Commonwealth University, is available for purchase.

A portion of the proceeds supports cultural arts at the Weinstein JCC. Explore more of Neil Duman’s mesmerizing glass visions at dumansglassvisions.com.

The Sara D. November Gallery at the Weinstein JCC is currently adorned with expressive artworks as part of the juried exhibit, ‘This Is Us: Express Yourself!’ Featuring pieces from 20 artists, including Judith Kowler, Lisa Levine, and Ed Tepper, this exhibition seeks to foster connection and community through diverse artistic expressions.

Juried by esteemed Richmond artist Steve Ferretti, the exhibit will be on display until Feb. 29. Visit the gallery to experience the rich tapestry of artistic expression shaping our community.

In January, the Weinstein JCC hosted a dynamic collaborative art critique event in the Sara D. November Gallery. A collaboration between Artspace members and the JCC, the event brought together professional and amateur artists in the community. Attendees exchanged ideas and shared their work in this engaging artistic dialogue.

The Sara D. November Gallery, dedicated to enriching Richmond’s cultural landscape, will host another collaborative critique event in the spring. Stay tuned for details!

Mark your calendars for March 7, at 7 p.m., as the JCC presents the ‘Left Brain/Right Brain: Intersection’ exhibit in the Sara D. November Gallery.

Curated by the JCC’s Art Committee, this exhibit showcases the artwork of science-minded professionals and artists, including Carl Patow, Deborah Pollack, Ann Fulcher, Scott Morese, and Karen Roodman.

Join us for a reception and artist talk, exploring the intersection of art and science.

Calling all young artists in grades 1-5! Join Instructor Marjorie Myles for the Unexpected Artistry classes this spring at the Center.

Filled with vibrant energy, these classes allow students to explore imaginative designs, dance, and paint to music. Embrace the joy of creating outside the lines.

Sign up at weinsteinjcc.org.

Join the community for a spring filled with unexpected artistry and creative exploration!